Gated Community

An expansive 20,000 sq.ft of area is clearly dedicated for recreational and community lifestyle infrastructure.   These include a Spa and Club set in the beautiful landscape blending the large recreational pool with the gardens around. The soothing natural ambience of the facility may inspire you to achieve improved levels of physical fitness..

The club situated at the heart of community at Videocon Royale fills the environment with life and excitement. One can lounge by the water side, or at the various zones of the club such as:  the all day café/restaurant, library, crèche or catch up at well appointed business center. The full fledged spa is a haven of peace; your body could be pampered and rejuvenated while you visually soak in the beautiful landscaped court views.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts can avail of the best gym facilities, swim play tennis/squash and have the added option of jogging on the special track winding its way through the forest, amphitheater, yoga zones and children’s play area.

Modernism’s inherent openness and abstract language is given elegant expression in the expansive layouts of the villas at the Videocon Royale. Open plan interiors, roof gardens, louvered facades and lush vegetation create a great example of tropical living.  An all pervading contiguous environmental blend portrays a landmark design in residential planning in India.

Every individual land lot land maximizes the garden/landscape area through principles of inverse planning.  In accordance with these views, living areas are located on the upper level and private bedrooms are placed at lower level.

This planned configuration of spaces ensures that every room of the house opens out into private gardens. The upper decks thus become liberating tree top platforms with light filtering in through the slender louvers.

The ubiquitous elegant native jails contain and define a double height outdoor room with landscaped gardens and reflecting pools. The limits of the inner rooms are extended; the flowing landscape effectively 'invited' indoors, creating an inimitable experience.

As mentioned earlier, to give added detail, all bedrooms and bathrooms of the house open into their very own private courts. These landscaped courts offer lush views and space, conversely also granting complete privacy for daily living. The private pool, barbeque/bar and sit out make the double height spaces perfect for intimacy balanced with grandeur.